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In March, we had our driveway, front walkways, and patio/pool deck resurfaced with concrete designed by Rob Allen, owner of Concrete in Designs, Inc. He works in the Chicago area and Naples, FL. There were problems during the process with color match which he said he fixed and when cured would be correct. We waited the 2 months for the curing process and the colors are still not right. There are cracks throughout the work and dark stains along the cracks.

We have been trying to reach Rob (appropriate name) by phone and e-mail. He does not reply.


Review about: Rob Allens Concrete.

Monetary Loss: $10000.





Concrete In Design... Did a patio and driveway for my home.

Excellent job, always on time with great attention to our questions and requests for addition details to add a fire pit in the patio design. Would highly recommend him with no questions ask.

Easy to Work with and great knowledge.

to Anonymous #1163926

Liar - this is Rob posting to try to repair his image.


We had work done - same problem. We had a few issues for Rob to address - it's been over 3 months and he has ignored emails, calls, etc.

He never acknowledged us after the work was completed. I'm pretty sure we will never hear from him.

The thing that really bothers me is he sat at my kitchen table and gave his word he would be around for a 'lifetime' to help and back his work. He really made us trust him at his word.


I've had two patios installed and a driveway by concrete in designs

They did a great job very happy!

Would refer them anytime John in Naperville illinois

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #706518

You are not alone in being apparently the victim of shoddy work by a contractor. Happens all the time. You could try suing, but I doubt he has anything.

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